Fee Information (All dollar amounts stated in this website are in Canadian Dollars.)

Application Fees and Deposits (non-refundable)

Master/Diploma Application Fee for Canadian applicants$55
Master/Diploma Application Fee for International applicants$165
DMin Application Fee for Canadian applicants$110
DMin Application Fee for International applicants$220
Annual Application Fee for Auditors$25
Tuition Deposit for Canadian applicants (non-refundable)$300
Tuition Deposit for DMin Canadian applicants (non-refundable)$500

Master & Diploma Tuition and Basic Fees

Tuition (per 3 credit course)$900
Student Activity Fee per course$12
Resource Fee per course$10
Administration Fee per course (non-refundable)$38
Internship fee per unit$320
Total Tuition & Fees (per 3 credit course)$960

Doctor of Ministry Tuition Fees

Registration Fee per school year$55
Tuition (per 3 credit course)$1,300
Tuition (per 3 credit course)$550

General Fee Schedule

Audit (per course)$400
Late Registration (full-time and part-time returning students)$50
Official Statement/Letter$15
Official Transcript$15
Official Transcript – additional requests (ordered at the same time)$10
Official Transcript – rush service$25
Transfer Credit Evaluation (per course)$50
DMin Transfer Credit Request Fee (per course) $100

Certificate Tuition and Basic Fees

Tuition (per course)$120
Audit Fee per course$80
Full time Pastor and Spouse, Full time staff in church and Christian OrganizationFREE
CCST Vancouver Students / AlumniFREE

Library Fees

Application fee for Library Card for Certificate students, CCST Vancouver Alumni$20
Library Card annual renewal fee for Certificate students, CCST Vancouver Alumni$20
Lost Card Fee$10
The above rates are for 2021-2022 academic year (effective Fall 2021). If updated, the latest rates from the registrar office shall prevail.

Withdrawal and Refund Schedule

  • To change a course from credit to audit is considered dropping then adding such course.
  • Please use an Add/Drop Form to withdraw from a course or switch classes. Please use a Withdrawal Notification Form to drop all classes in a semester. These forms are available at the Registrar’s Office.
  • The date on which the Add/Drop Form/Withdrawal Notification Form is received by the Registrar’s Office will determine the refund amount.
  • In most cases, the refund will be credited to the student’s account. The school will ONLY issue a refund cheque upon written request.
  • Please refer to the chart below to determine the refund amount and grades recorded during the specified period.
DeadlinesWithdrawal & RefundTranscript
On or before the 2nd session of the course (around 17% of total class time)100%N/A
Between the 2nd session to the 5th session of the course (40% of total class time)50%W (withdraw)
After the 5th session of the course0%F (fail)
* The above fee sheet is valid in the academic year of 2018 - 2019. Please check with the Registrar office for the most updated adjustment.